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PEOPLE BIKE TRAVEL is an event series created by pro mountain bike ambassador Katie Holden to get people interested in and excited about bike travel. Traveling by bike, be it locally, domestically or internationally, is an incredible way to explore, connect with people, break down cultural barriers and work up an appetite to indulge in all the delicious foods one finds along the way.  The People Bike Travel series is made up of workshops, urban adventures + group rides and that span communities across the US. 





Workshops: Bike travel is an incredible (the best!) way to travel, but it can also be intimidating to commit to; the idea of traveling to a new place and navigating that place with a bike and gear and all the technical challenges involved can be overwhelming enough never to take the plunge. Join world traveler and athlete ambassador Katie Holden and get excited about planning an adventure of your own, learn from her mistakes and take home her years of tricks and tips she has learned in more than 50 countries of travel.   

The workshop is free and will have a special gift bag for the first 20 registrations. 

What to expect: Food, drinks + craft station to get the evening rolling. The workshop will be a mix of travel stories and destination ideas, trip planning and tips, packing information and Q+A. 

What to bring: Bring an open mind and questions. And hopefully leave inspired, full of knowledge and with a new friend or five. 

Urban Adventures: We all have places on our communities we have passed a  million times. Or the things we have always wanted to do locally, but just haven't for one reason or another. Urban Adventures take one strand of that fabric in local communities and runs with it. Be it street art, history, culture or food - we will spend an evening exploring one of those strands locally. 

The ADVENTURE is free and will have a special gift bag for the first 15 registrations. 

What to expect: 10 (+ or -) mile ride at a cruisy pace. We will be stopping lots to check things out. This is a no drop ride and intended for everyone regardless of skill or fitness. 

What to bring: Whatever you've got. If you have an urban bike (cruiser, road, gravel) - that is best suited for the job. If you only have a mountain bike, bring that. None of the above? Rent one.  Lights, lock + anything else you might need. 

Group rides: Group ride with a theme. We are not talking clothes, though themed costume anything is rad. These are no drop inclusive group rides which include a. riding to a specific location (park or music) or b. some kind of activity (ie. ice cream or oysters).

The ADVENTURE is free and will have a special gift bag for the first 15 registrations. 



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