Woody had to go to work so Pies and I decided make the day into a bit of an adventure. We hopped on the Bus into Brisbane and headed out to the train station. We didn’t know where we wanted to go but we knew we wanted to go to the beach. We decided to go to North Stradbroke Island... random but something that looked fun and something we could set out to do for the day. I have been waiting to come to Oz for so long and I am finally here. I flew into Brisbane and was picked up by my friend Woody and his friend Dave-O. Everything here has an O on the end of it. Getting through the airport with my 2 huge bike boxes and my suitcase was a mission but luckily the boys were just on the other side of customs waiting for me. We loaded all my stuff into the back of Dave-O’s skyline and headed for Woody’s house.

When we arrived at Woody’s place my good friend Paul (pies, prince of pies, pie face) came out to meet us. Pies is one of my good friends from Whistler and he has also come to Australia in search of riding, getting fit and some good times.