downhill practice.

I had loads of fun today, As much as I complain about the DH course...I always love it. So fun. Today was a nice mix of riding and catching up with friends. I was feeling pretty good on the downhill. I just took it easy, tomorrow I will start to link things together at speed. I am looking forward to a looser course tomorrow. Once the track gets ridden in it will probably get pretty good...I like it loose. I did lots of talking on the side of the track today...haha. It is good to see everyone...there is no other way to describe it other than family...the riding community is a big traveling family and I missed ‘em. I hijacked the picture from bones over metal... check ‘em out ( There is a lot of good content up there and mark is a great blogger.I will get some pictures of my own up tomorrow...I didn’t take any pictures today.

Katie Holden