I love slalom...there needs to be slalom at every race. So fun. It was freezing and overcast this morning but the clouds burned off and it was nice and sunny and still freezing and WINDY! It was soooo windy. Made things interesting. Apparently this huge kids blow up slide in the pits blew over...crazy. Anyway I had a lot of fun in practice and I was feeling pretty good. In my first run of qualifying I hit a hay bale out of the gate and I was devastated because I thought that it would cost me my position in the main event. Luckily I had a solid 2nd run and qualified in 11th position. In the round of 16, I was up against Mio Suemasa- I was nervous because she was absolutely slaying the course all day but I held my own. She won the first run and I won the 2nd run. Unfortunately I didn’t make up the time differential so my day ended early. I was definitely a bit bummed but I had a great time. Melissa Buhl finished in 1st and was looking so strong all day- she can pedal like crazy. Rachel Atherton was looking so smooth and fast, I think she ended up in 4th with a mechanical or something. Sabrina was 2nd and Fionn was 3rd. Minnar won the mens...Peaty was 2nd and Voreis was 3rd or 4th. I need to get some rest so I will give a full run-down tomorrow.

Katie Holden