So another year of Sea Otter has come and gone. All in all it was a great week/weekend. I always seem to be a disappointed with my results at Sea Otter but I know that the particular style of course is not a strength of mine so I really shouldn’t get too distraught over it. I have my sights set high on some other races this year. We shall see. I do want to congratulate Melissa Buhl and Greg Minnaar because they both absolutely killed it this weekend. Greg had ended last season with a shoulder injury and his first weekend back he wins DH and Slalom! He is def one to watch this year. Melissa Buhl is freaking much power. I think I need to work on my sprints and squats. hahah.

I am only in California for a few more days now and then i am heading to Ashland, OR for a bike mechanic course. I need to have some bonding time with my bike because it is frequently abused. My lack of bike maintenance is really holding me back a lot so its time I do something about it. I just found out that there will be a race down there while I am there so that is pretty sweet. I have never ridden in Ashland before.

Katie Holden