spring thaw.

The Spring thaw in Ashland, OR was a blast. It was a super laid back race and super fun. I didn’t have that great of a race run: it was super sloppy and I had one crash but it was good enough for 3rd. Anka Martin killed us all in first breaking the 5 minute barrier and Jackie Harmony was 2nd. For the Men it was a local Jared Hobbs who took the win followed by Curtis Beavers in 2nd and Mark Weir in 3rd. Local favorite and course record holder Nathan Riddle was out with a broken hand which was a big bummer, I think he was gutted not to give it a go. Aside from the race I had loads of fun hanging out with the california crew...Jeff, Dan, Curtis and Kasey (Kasey is from Nevada). It is really starting to feel like the start of summer now!! If you have a chance check out www.bicycleweed.com that is Jeff’s website and its pretty cool. Also, If any of you want me to add your site to my links list let me know and I will add it. I am a media junkie...I love reading all the online media.

Katie Holden