just melt.

So yesterday I went down to creekside with some friends to ride Big Timber and it was looking like it was going to be clear because the top was looking pretty good BUT after ripping a few good corners the snow appeared!! Unfortunately about half of the trail was covered so we had to walk much of the track,..not cool. It seriously needs to melt. Now. Yah so anyway, we all piled back into the truck and had a little pow wow. We decided to head up to pemby for a few laps. Mr. Mantle was telling us about this track that “is the sickest track I have ever ridden” called Resurrection. Sickest track ever!!! The dirt was amazing. The corners were amazing. The flow was amazing. So good. The track isn’t technical, there are just loads of corners, some little jumps, some loose chute things and yah it pretty much rocks. I was loving it. The weather was good too. Whistler was pretty shit when we left, it was cold and cloudy. Pemby had blue skies! We had a really good crew riding and everyone was stoked and feeding off of each other. We also ran into Tom and Alex Pro and Micayla Gatto and their crew. Good times.

Katie Holden