So on Thursday I made my loonie debut. All of these years and I have never actually done a loonie so I decided that it was time. For those of you that don’t know, Whistler has a loonie and toonie series throughout the summer. I do the toonies but I have never tried a loonie. The loonies are xc races that are every thursday night and the toonies are dh races in the park on wednesdays. There was a massive turnout...I think there was like 300 riders. Pretty rad. The course wound around lost lake trails and then on back into town. I pretty much sucked hardcore but I had a lot of fun and it was a pretty fun social event. I rode and chatted along the way. Another cool thing about the loonies...you pay 2 dollars and that includes you entry fee, a beer and dinner. Talk about bang for your buck hell yah. I was really great to see everyone coming out of winter hibernation and filtering back into town. The loonie also reminded me why it is I love whistler so much...where else can you can see your bosses, physio, real estate agent, bankers etc. all shredding at once???

Katie Holden