us open.

The US Open is always loads of fun. Riding, free food, bbq, swimming...lots of hanging out with friends. It was loads of fun. I spent lots of time riding the bike park which is pretty rad...its so good to finish practice in the morning and to keep riding all day. This weekend was a big weekend for Stevie Smith so congrats to him for the big win. The field was stacked with World Cup guys and he managed to put down the fastest time for his first big win! It was awesome to watch the finals unfold...people were going nuts!!! So stoked for him, this win was a long time coming. It was also a big weekend for Fionn Griffiths who won women’s dh and slalom. Pretty cool. This weekend was not my weekend. I just could not get it together. I was feeling pretty solid in practice but putting a race run together is a different story. I was a mess...slalom qualifying, slalom main event, downhill qualifying, downhill finals....I was retarded. Bummed and sore are the best ways to describe me at the end of the weekend. I

am stoked to be home now so I can focus and get up to speed in the next month!! Looking forward...

Katie Holden