i love wednesdays, phat wednesdays.

So we have already had 2 Phat Wednesday races so far this year. The first was B-Line. Adam “the bermanator” Billinghurst demolished everyone. Someone else actually won with a chain but who really gives a shit- they had a chain on. B-Line is and always will be chainless. Rebecca McQueen cleaned up for the girls WITHOUT a chain whoop whoop. I was 2nd without a chain (5th overall). There was a massive turnout. I think there was something like 150 dudes and 40 women and like 150 men and I don’t know how many juniors. The usually Phat Wednesday debauchery followed...broken glasses and all. The 2nd race was Angry Pirate to World Cup to Ho Chi Minh. Tim Eaton from Australia won the mens and Jen Ashton won the womens. I am not sure of the turnout but it was considerably lower because a large crew was out at Psychosis. I don’t know what place I got- I went off the track and hit a tree. Whoops. I was a bit bummed on that one because I LOVE Angry Pirate. Better luck next time.

The next race isn’t for another week...i’m not sure which track it will be on. Hopefully something fun.

Katie Holden