The park closed, my body has needed a rest and the weather has been pretty nasty so taking some time off the bike to recover hasn’t been much of a problem. Till now. This last stretch of October has been incredible. The temp has been sitting just above freezing so its pretty cold but it has been gorgeous. We haven’t had rain for over a week- it’s been all blue skies and fall colors. I’ve been trying to milk it before it gets nasty. The other day my friend Steve Reid and I rode out to Cheakamus Lake. The lake and and the mountains just give you that wow, I have the best life feeling...how could I live anywhere else??? If you have skied Whistler or Biked from the peak you have seen the lake before, you can see it from the peak of Whistler when you look S to SW- it sits between Whistler and Black Tusk.

Katie Holden