i heart san francisco.

I am down in California at the moment doing the family thing for the holidays. Yesterday we went to San Francisco for a day of fun. I love the city. The mountains are my home and always will be but I feel a bit like a kid in a candy shop in the city. So many sights, sounds, smells, people, I love it!! Christmas in San Francisco is particularly nice.

We hit up the California Academy of Sciences in the morning. It just opened up after years of renovation and it is quite spectacular. I am a big fan of museums and this definitely did not disappoint. My favorite were the Burmese Vine Snakes. The Burmese Vine Snakes hang upside down in the trees and hunt for fish. The linger over the water and wait for a fish to swim underneath and then they strike. I watched these things for a long time!! I saw them catch and swallow a few fish!!

Next we went over to the Stinky Rose in North Beach. The Stinky Rose is a San Fran landmark that specializes in anything garlic. Interesting fact, they use 3,000 lbs. of garlic each month. Insane. I still smell garlic 24 hours later...haha.

Lastly we went to Union Square for a bit of a look around. Its decorated all nice and it definitely gets you in the holiday spirit.

I was meant to be going home in the morning but my flight was canceled because of snow in the NW so I have a few more days down here!!

Katie Holden