rat race.

I just got out to the Sunshine Coast for the annual Rat Race. I have heard so much about this place but have never made it out...till now! This is my first time out here and its pretty cool. I am staying in this sweet cabin with a view of the ocean and some interesting memorabilia. Its one of those places that makes you want to eat crab, clam chowder and play board games. ha. I took a few laps on the track today. I like it but I don’t love it. There are some absolutely awesome corners...like jump from corner to corner kind of corners...I love that. There are also some fun doubles. There are like three sections I love. Between all that it is pretty flat and a bit boring. Right now the track is a bit wet and I am not rolling very fast. I am running way more pressure than normal and I feel like a snail...especially after the track last week which was super fast!! I think that if it dries up like its supposed to it will be pretty sick.

Andrew Mitchell got challenged to ride a pit bike (ie. 16” wheels!!) down the track in less than 5 minutes. He did it in 4:10. What a legend. Thats gnar.

Heading to practice now....should be fun!!

Katie Holden