the lowdown.

So a lot has happened in the last few weeks. I won that race on the Sunshine Coast, stoked to pull out another ‘W’. The course never grew on me. I had said how boring it was in my last post and how I was hoping it would get more exciting...not the case. haha. All good though. I have done a couple of XC races in Whistler. Thursday nights are toonie races in a toonie, get a race, dinner and a beer. Such a deal. The Bike Park opened. Super sick. Opening weekend was so fun. I rode with so many people- totally loving it. I am obsessed with my slalom bike right now, the SX Slalom is ridiculous. I was having more fun on that than my DH bike in the park- you’ve gotta work for it. I was so worked after full day of it in the park. I went to a couple of movie premieres...pretty sweet. Bikes are out. People are out. The sun is out. Its summer!!! Sorry for the lack of updates. My computer decided that it was over it and died. Unforunetly I hadn’t backed up my site in a couple of months so I had to do a transfer of info which isn’t a big deal but is a bit time consuming. While I was at it I decided to redo my site. I like change. What do you think?

Katie Holden