Katie Holden

us open. urrrrrgh.

Katie Holden

I am on my way home now from the US Open. I am not exactly a happy camper but thats how it goes sometimes. I went there to win, that was my goal and it didn’t quite happen. I had a pretty rough weekend. I loved the course, it suited my style but I was having a difficult time with constistancy. It was one of those tracks that you would be totally pinned on and then you would just get slightly off line and next thing you know you would be on the ground. I had quite a few good crashes out there, one in particular that really scared me. I tomahawked head first into a rock breaking my helmet and putting a couple of cuts on my face. My helmet and my Leatt brace did their job. I am so happy that I had my Leatt on.

Qualifying was pretty bad for me...I crashed, washed out and rode like a retard...not so cool. Yah so that run was a disaster but it was confidence inspiring because I was pretty close to the rest of the girls in time and I knew I could take a massive amount off my time with a clean run. On race day it started dumping rain a bit before we were to go off...it looked like a freaking monsoon. I was so excited for the rain, I loved the course in the dry being so loose and sketchy but I LOVE the wet so I had a huge grin on my face when the rain came. I went up before my race run and found the rockiest trail I could find to warm up on and test my traction. Mud and rocks are a little different everywhere so I just wanted to see how they would hold me. I rallied the rocks and was like fuck yah, game on. I sat up at the top and was feeling pretty confident. I started off my race run and it was a little slick in the first few corners but I was like, meh, pretty much what I expected so I pushed on. When I got to the first rock garden I got squirly as the mud had tracked onto the rocks pretty good and it caught me a little off guard but I kept going for it. You have just gotta commit and let the bike slide, if you relax...you’ll be fine. The next section was this off camber rock slab well just as I got on it I hesitated for a split second and that was it, I was down. That was my day. I fumbled for my bike and decided I would be better off to just run up the little uphill after the section as oppose to pedal because I was not going anywhere after that. I hoped back onto my bike and proceeded to the next rock garden but I lost all my mojo. I could not ride! I know as well as anyone you can’t have the slightest bit hesitation when riding in the wet and I messed up. You live and you learn.

The US Open mad me so mad and now I want to lay a smackdown. or two. haha. I have been working hard and I know what I want to do and I am going to do everything I can to what I have set out to do. Right now I am bumming pretty bad but in hindsight this weekend could be a blessing in disguise...it takes mistakes like this weekend, a big race with a lot on the line to really give you a slap in the face and make some changes. As much as it hurts, its the races like these...these mistakes that you make and learn from that get you to the top.

My main focus now are National Championships, the 2 Canadian World Cups and Crankworx. I have only have one race in the next month and a half so I am just going to focus, get stronger and work on my weaknesses.

Men: 1 Sam HILL Monster Energy-Specialized 2 Gee ATHERTON Animal Commencal 3 Brendan FAIRCLOUGH Monster Energy-Specialized 4 Jared RANDO Giant 5 Curtis KEENE Specialized

Women: 1 Miranda MILLER Santa Cruz-MMR 2 Kathy PRUITT Jamis 3 Fionn GRIFFITHS Norco 4 Melissa BUHL KHS 5 Micayla GATTO Commencal