pirate underground.

Another reason why Whistler is the shit...the Pirate Underground Race Series. 5 races. Mystery courses. Stopwatches. Cash purse. BBQ. Beer. SRAM draw. Sweeeeet. Sunday was the first race of the Pirate Underground Race Series and it was held on phD. Pretty gnarly track to race on. Loose and lots of steep rock rollers. I though I had ridden the track before but I definitely hadn’t...new to me but so fun. Definitely got more comfortable on steep rock rollers- probably my least favorite thing in mountain biking. Not anymore though. I think they are kind of cool. Kinda. I got a couple of runs in and then it was race time. Talk about a tricky track to race on. ha. It was such a fun day. Its days like these that remind you why you love mountain biking!

Tyler Morland smoked the boys by like 7 second on like a 2 minute track- ripper. Lorraine Blancher won the girls.

Katie Holden