Katie Holden

phaSt wednesdays.

Katie Holden

So we have our regular Phat Wednesday series here in Whistler which is meant to be on a progression of trails, the goal being to ease people into racing who may have never done it before. B-Line is a pretty basic trail for someone to race on when they are just starting out (although we go nuts over it, ha!). Anyway, racing on the easy trails is fun but there is nothing like racing on gnar. Since Phat Wednesdays are all about progression we usually don’t race anything technical to well into the summer. So, in addition to the regular Phat Wednesdays, we now have PhaSt Wednesdays in the mix...PhaSt Wednesdays are all about the gnar and last night was the first ever PhaSt Wednesday! Schleyer to Canadian Open to Detroit Rock! Can I get a hell yah...such a sick trail combo. Mr. Tyler Morland smoked the boys by like 4 seconds. Kenny Smith was 2nd. Elliot (not sure his last name) was 3rd. Paul “Paulito” Stevens was 4th and Amado Stachenfeld was 5th. There was 80+ guys.

Obviously I started the day on a mission to win but that didn’t quite work out. Oh well. I had a pretty conservative run as I felt good on the course and didn’t feel the need to push it with some big races coming up. Anyway, I caught 2 people and went over the handlebars and was only 1.02 sec off the win. I have no idea what happened in my crash I wasn’t pinned or anything but something just caught me and before I knew it I was on my face with my bike on top of me. When I tried to get up, I fell off this wooden ledge supporting the trail and down the bank. Kinda funny actually. I would have laughed if I saw it. If I knew I was only a second off I would not have dilly-dallyed after my crash and I would have pinned it. Lesson learned. It’s not over till it’s over. I think that is definitely a valuable lesson to learn especially before I head out to National Champs and the World Cups! I mean 2nd sucks but I think that I learned a good lesson last night so I am pretty excited on that.

I have the day off today so I am going to go shred with the boys. It is a gorgeous day....Garbo here I come!

The Question (the local newspaper) contacted me last week after B-Line and they wrote up an article about the first Phat Wednseday of the year. Check it out.... http://www.whistlerquestion.com/article/20090701/WHISTLER02/307019842/-1/WHISTLER9901/phat-wednesdays-back-in-business