colorado springs.

So we rocked up to Colorado Springs in the wee hours of monday morning after a big trek from Santa Cruz through , California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and finally Colorado. We were having some car troubles on the flats and then we almost didn't make it over the passes of Colorado...the turbo on the van went bad so getting up those passes was a mission and a half. Anyway, we made it and managed to get a couple of hours of sleep in at the Bangart residence. Monday was spent hanging at SRAM with Mr. Blackbox i.e. Jon Cancellier. SRAM was pretty cool, pretty sweet to see where all the magic happens. ha. The compound was rad- they even have a makeshift basketball court in the main warehouse.

We spent most of Tuesday trying to fix the van. We drove all around Colorado Springs until we found a place that could fix the Turbo. We were car-less and bikeles so we just spent the better half of a day killing time...the courtesy car dropped us at the most ghetto mall ever, we hit up Barnes and Noble, raced up a concrete support wall, got a boob job and played dodgeball at the dollar store, spun till we (I mean I) could hardly walk at Office Depot, went to the most ghetto moto and pawn shops, lobbed beanbags at baseball board in the dealership and Keene unsuccessfully tried to talk the car salesmen into driving a Corvette.

The afternoon was sick. We went back up to SRAM and met some of the guys for a sweet XC ride at Garden of the Gods. It was a pretty solid climb up a fireroad followed by some sick singletrack and a badass Mexican dinner in Manitou Springs.

Katie Holden