Katie Holden

peak seasons.

Katie Holden

I thought you guys might get a kick out of this....

So MTV premiered a new reality show called Peak Seasons a couple of weeks ago. Think the Hills...but Whistler. Pretty much the same thing. They even have the Aftershow! Kind of weird....and funny but cool none-the-less. So weird to see your home...which is a really small town on a reality show like this. In Whistler, everyone knows everyone. Anyway, my friend Jason with whom I drive to school with everyday is on the show as “Dre’s Best Friend” (Dre is Jason’s roommate). Dre is one of the main guys on the show...he is a DJ with lots of girl problems, figures. So far the boys have played pool and discussed the breaking up with the girlfriend. Played hockey and discussed the girlfriend some more. And drank a lot.

I have been hearing about this thing for the past year so I can’t believe it is actually happening...I mean I knew they were filming and stuff and I saw the cameras but most stuff that gets filmed never gets used. And I guess I never thought it would.

I guess I am just kind of weirded out by it all. I have watched it and I think its funny but VERY cringeworthy....hahah...some of the stuff that some out of the boys mouths’...so bad. Whatever, its TV and I am still watching it!