Blood, Sweat & Tears

Training! from Katie Holden on Vimeo.

Well not exactly tears but lets just say it doesn't always feel nice. But I love it!!

Training has been going great. I am really starting to feel strong right now which is perfect for where we are at in the off-season- obviously I have a ways to go but I am where I want to be right now! First race is a little under two months away.

I have been super into pull-ups lately- they are pretty hard and take work to get efficent, nonetheless, I am finally getting it! This morning my work for the day was put before me which included 100 pull-ups. About 35 pull-ups in my hands started to tear apart- the skin- was just ripping off and then they started bleeding. ewwww. But I got my 100. That's what training is all about.

Katie Holden