Mr. Joe Biden...Vice President of the muthhha#$%$#^# United States of America!!! Still a bit puzzeled as to how I pulled this one off, especially considering I almost got run over by the first car in a chain of about 40 cops/secret service complete with machine guns/goggles/vests an hour earlier. Thought it must be someone important but to be honest kinda forgot about it...and then I was on my way up to the Sliding Centre and Mr.Joe Biden himself was walking in Whistler Village...swarmed by peps and secret service of course...but I dunno I just went for the photo op- he's the muuuttha%#$%$$#% VP! So funny thinking about it.

Ahh yah another funny thing. So yesterday I was flexing it up in the gym and one of the guys was doing some Olympic weightlifting and dropped his weights on the ground and it made a loud noise- like 2 seconds later the police burst open the door thinking it was a gunshot or something. hahahah. Only during the Olympics :)

Katie Holden