Wow. The Olympics are tiring- I just cannot seem to find enough time in the day to do everything. I have had a little reality check the last few days- tried to do way too much and was I ever exhausted. All good, lesson learned.

All of the events have been super exciting. The US is dominating right now and I am loving it. I may live in Canada but when it comes to sports and whatnot I am 100% yank. Men's DH was definetly the coolest thing ever- they had it playing on the big screen in town and the boys were just PINNED. Inspiring. It was amazing to hear the start cadence so loud all around town- it just gets my heart pumping...its pretty much the same cadence we use at our races and it is just crazy what a few beeps will do to you when you are no where near a bike- the whole body just turns right on. I cannot wait to race!!!

Katie Holden