And to California we go!

The Olympics wrapped up on Sunday...and to California I went. It was so good to be home, got some good training in, saw the OLYMPICS, made some money...good times :) The Olympics were seriously so rad!

Now I am back in other 'home'. I don't really know where 'home' is these days as I am always someplace different although I must say, Whistler is the only place I REALLY feel at home. It really is such an amazing town and I was proud to show it off to the world. Its just such an amazing community full of passion and drive- people come to Whistler for a reason and whatever reason that may be, it fuels their life.

Annnyway, enough on that. California is good. My mom decided that a little mother-daughter bonding was necessary so she drive down here with me. It was a nice little drive, I love mother-daughter bonding :). I gave myself one day to rest and regroup and this morning I started again back in the gym here...and proceeded to rip all the skin off my hands, again. It has been pissing rain since I got here but the sun is finally starting to break so I think it may be time to bust out the bike...

Katie Holden