Viva Las Vegas

So I just got back from Vegas. All my girls (hahah) from University of Colorado headed out for a mega weekend to celebrate Kristen's birthday...I have been a bad friend and missed tons of shindigs so this time, I was not going to let that happen. Everyone knew I was coming except Kristen (the b-day girl) and I suprised her at the airport and she was in was pretty sweet. I forgot how much I missed them all...I think my stomach still hurts from laughing!!

The weekend was pretty much ridicuous. We got hooked up with two gorgeous rooms in Palms Place thanks to Danielle's friend. The rooms were so sick...53rd floor, view of the strip, floor to ceiling windows, 2 balconys in each room, full kitchen, bathtubs in the living room, flatscreen TV' name it. Uhhhh Balllller. Thanks Pasqualliii.

I have been to Vegas a few times but only for Interbike...this was a totally different experience. Usually I roll with the boys but this time it was 100% girl time...10 of us girls, make-up parties, hair parties, pool parties, even a male stripper dressed as a fireman! Love ittt.

We had two big nights out...first at Ghost Bar in the Palms. You would never guess who was the DJ...Pauly "There's no way i'm going to Jersey without my hair gel, can't leave without my gel"  D from Jersey Shore..hahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahah. AMAZING. The second night we went to The Bank in the Bellagio and it was once again AMAZING.

Its Tuesday and I am still tired. Vegas does that to you.

Katie Holden