I have been on a mega push to try and finish my bachelor's before the season starts...let's just say it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Like seriously. Will power to break this ball and chain and never have to think about it again is the only thing keeping me going haha. It has been absolutely gorgeous down, blue skies, tacky dirt. The last place I want to be is inside studying but I know that in a week or so I am reallllly not want to be inside so I better get it done now. With that said, I am an athlete and I ride my bike so I have been getting out for some rad rides- just destroying the trails with the time that I do have. I am really starting to feel good on my bike right now which is a good feeling...strong, confident and balanced...and I am not even on my DH bike yet, just been shredding my XC bike on EVERYTHING. Pretty funny to shuttle on a Safire complete with a bottle cage but what can I say the bike rips! It definitely keeps you on your A-game but thats what I love about it!

The boys went up to the first NW Cup this weekend up in Washington. A was just a tad jealous...or a lot. Would have been nice to see everyone and get a little practice in before Pan Ams but oh well. I leave for Pan Am's a week from excited!!!! I just wanna get loooooose.

Just a reminder about the women's ride's filling up pretty quickly so if you are interested give Scotts Valley Cycle Sport a shout to sign up. Rachael and I scouted the route yesterday...its gonna be a lot of fun. Like I said before, all levels are welcome!!  I really just want to get you girls out on some bikes and show you how fun it is....and it will be a great place to meet some new riding friends!

Katie Holden