sea otter

Another year of Sea Otter is down in the books. It was a long but fun weekend. I always love Sea Otter because it is the first time that I get to see most people since the end of last season and there are thousands of spectators and athletes from every cycling discipline- It's kind of like the first day of school and I LOVE it..

I battled a cold all week which made for a rough week but I pushed through it and didn't let it get the best of me. I can't even remember the last time I was sick...I guess everyone has to get sick once in awhile so I am done for awhile now :). I felt ok when I was off my bike just hanging out since I had some meds in me but when my body temperature went up while riding I just felt plain shitty and my nose was running like crazy. I think that if the track had been steep and gnarly, the adrenaline would have helped me forget about how shitty I felt but Sea Otter is the exact opposite- flat and boring so the adrenaline was not on my side. haha. Oh well. Cold or no cold I have never done well at Sea Otter so to be honest not sure if it made a difference in my results.

Saturday was slalom. I had fun on the course but just never got my flow on the have got to get flow in slalom or its game over. I got eliminated in the first round. There were a lot of fast girls racing but Jill Kintner was looking dominate all day so it was no suprise to see her take home the W. Mic Hannah took it for the boys.

Sunday was downhill. I had been practicing on my dh bike but on race day I switched to my slalom bike...and loved it so much more- I was immediately stoked on my decision. I could actually feel the course on my slalom bike and thats what I like...when it's rough I stay focused. Even though I was loving the little bike, I still couldn't pull out a result. There are like 8 corners on the whole course, a few jumps and little chute and the rest is all flat and uphill. Its basically a sprint for 2+ minutes. My lungs felt fine but 30 seconds in my legs already felt like jell-o, I simply didn't have the energy. Some of the girls are ridiculous at pedalling...while I am heaps better at it than last season, it is by no means a is one thing that is a constant battle for me. I never like to be off the back but at the same time I am not too bothered....its just best for me if I just take what I can from the race and put my focus forward and not let it mess with my confidence.

Its Monday now and I still have a cold but I am on the tail end of it now and feeling heaps better. I had an amazing day on my bike(s) today. Started off the morning shuttling Jugs with Keene, Brenden and an engineer from Specialized. Then we ran home ditched the DH bikes, changed clothes, had a quick protein shake and met with Morland and Adrian and went to meet like 10 other guys from Specialzied for some XC. I was hurting but loving every minute of it, I was just pooped. After riding for a couple of hours we went for burritios and showers and then I ended up shuttling Keene and Danza till dark because Danza missed out on all the action and I was way too tired to ride. And then we got Thai take curry and mangos and sticky rice! Uhhh delicious.

Photo: Justin Brantely

Katie Holden