A few more pics from Guatemala!

The season has definetly started...

I am in Washington right now to defend my 2009 win at the first Pro GRT of the season. Looks like the race is going to be pretty stacked which I am super stoked about...there is a world class men's and women's field. The volcano wreaked havoc on travel plans so tons of World Cup people are stuck in the US which is a good thing as far as i'm concerned cause we get to race. Bring it on!

My first day of practice went great. The track is so funnnn- I can't wait to rip it up tomorrow.

Things have been so busy but I love it. On Tuesday I had a great photo/vid shoot for Race Face alongside Sabrina Jonnier. I think we got some great stuff which I can't wait to see...I will post up some material sometime in the near future. Right after I finish this race I am driving to Seattle where I will fly out to head down to Utah to shoot with Specialized for a week...! Sterling Lorence is shooting = AMAZING.

I am a little behind on press stuff but here are a couple of things for now...

NSMB Interview.

Bike Magazine

Katie Holden