Specialized 2011 shoot

I was in Moab last week for the 2011 Specialized shoot. I have been to Moab a couple of times but never to ride...just doing the National Park thing (which by the way are AMAZING). I felt like the whole experience was eye opening...that place is recreation paradise. Bikes, crawlers, ATV's, motos, backpackers, day-hikers, RVer's. Because I have ridden downhill from day one, I feel like I have had a rather narrow view of bikes in general- this trip expanded my horizons. :) People just love bikes in Moab...all bikes, and it is so awesome.

I also learned a lot about consumers on the trip which was pretty cool. I mean there was no formal kind of learning or anything but you can't help but learn about consumers, marketing and target markets when you are shooting something like a catalog or ads.I think that it really helped me to be able to represent Specialized that much better because I can understand the people who make up the majority of the industry that much better.

Shooting is hard work, but so fun. We got up early for sunrise shoots and stayed out till after sunset to get the best light possible. We had some pretty interesting weather out there...hot, cold, sun, clouds, rain, hail, sleet and snow. ha.

One of the things that I was most excited about was the opportunity to work with Sterling Lorence. Basically he is like my dream photographer to work with and I got to shoot with him for 6 days! Sooooo rad. It was great to get to know him over the course of the week and see him in action, he is like a magician out there!

...you will have to keep your eyes out for Specialized catalogs, adverts and marketing materials near you! :)

PS- Thanks Josh and Mary of Western Spirit, Sterl an Aaron, Kathryn and the whole crew! So much fun!

Katie Holden