I always have fun at the US Open but to be perfectly honest I was not loving it this the end of the weekend I was feeling pretty beat up mentally and physically and I was seriously considering whether or not I should even go to Scotland for the World Cup. After a few not so good national results it does not exactly give you the confidence to go and compete with the best in the world. But after some serious deliberation I decided to head out to Ft. William...and I am so happy that I did! :)

Like I said before, racing the World Cups is a whole different ball game, particularly in Europe. Its just awesome. The competition is stiff. The tracks are big. And the vibe is just awesome.

The Scottish Highlands are beautiful...and the mountains are way bigger than I imagined. There is lots of greenery and beautiful lakes. To make it even better we are staying at this awesome lodge/rv/camper/mobile home place over looking one of the lakes. It is definitely cozy but I feel like I am at summer camp and its awesome. Kinda makes me want to roast marshmallows.

We went up and checked out the venue. My bag was lost so I didn't do a course walk this afternoon but I walked up a little bit from the bottom in my flip flops and it looks rad. Supppppper fast, rough and lots of big jumps...and that was only the bottom. They pits are starting to take shape and there is a huge presence so it should be good. They also have a huge grandstand at the bottom for all the spectators. Is crazy I feel like I am in the middle of nowhere but somehow like 10,000+ fans show up here each year for the race...can't wait to see it with my own eyes.

Tomorrow we have the course walk, I will keep you guys posted. Oh yes and just to let you know it is almost midnight and its still totally light out.

Katie Holden