Fort William World Cup

So unfortunately my race ended at Quali's...again. The course is bad ass, no other way to explain it. Its long, its rough and its physically demanding. So like I said in my last few posts, I just haven't felt too great on my bike. I finally started to feel ok here. I was really loving the rocks up top. To be honest, I find the rocks kind of relaxing, you just settle in to the fact that it is rough, hold on and find your just feels so good. The bottom was just wide open and fast with a bunch of jumps and pedaling.

I really did not want to crash in qualis after my little Maribor fiasco so I just decided to take it mellow. A little too mellow. When I got to the top for qualifying I got soooo nervous. Walking outside to a sea of wind trainers is terrifying, I found Anka up top and she was like a breath of fresh air, just being around her made me calm.

Yah so I got in the start gate and it was just kind of surreal like, I can't believe I was actually riding my bike. I don't really know how to explain what I was feeling. I have never felt anything like it before. I feel like I went from one extreme to the other...being scared out of my mind to being so calm that you lack any type of intensity whatsoever. Where my head was for 6 minutes...I surely have clue. At one point on the course I ran off course not because I was going too fast or was out of control but I was so out of it. I felt really comfortable on the course in practice and knew it well and then in qualis...there were things I didn't even recognize on the course (which I had of course seen many times before). For reals? ha. Who does that. You are supposed to be destroyed at the bottom of the Fort William track...I was not tired nor the slightest bit out of breath and my arms or body were not tired at all. It kind sucks to be that close to qualifying knowing very well I would have gone wayyyyy quicker.

Its quite easy to get discouraged from all of this, this is not what I came here to do but I have just gotta keep my head up high and keeping learning. Hopefully, I will find the middle ground in Austria...they say 3rd times a charm.

Of course I wanted to be racing on Sunday but it was pretty cool to be a spectator. I have never been to a race like that with so many superfans. Everyone was just so loud and so pumped, it was a special experience. Fort William is an amazing venue for spectators...I mean it is kind of remote but you can see so much of the course from one vantage point so in that regard its exceptional. :)

Katie Holden