The US Open has been a demon of mine for a few years. I always feel good on the course there, but I can never put together a run. I was ready to get my revenge on the course this year but this year turned was just like the rest...urgghhhhhhhh. I can't tell you how frustrating that is. Despite loving the course, I just never got my mojo...I was just off. This translated into my race run and that was that. I don't even know what place I ended up, I just know that I was not happy with my riding.

We were staying at a hotel right at the bottom so was basically just watched people get carted to the hospital all day. Not so cool. At the end of the course there was a 40 foot jump which was originally really lippy for its size so people were over jumping it and exploding but then they planked the lip out so it was just a floater. You (at least I) had to pedal pretty freaking hard to make the jump as casing it usually meant a mega stack as there was a big knuckle on the landing and there was almost always a super strong head wind into it so it was really hard to gauge speed. Not to many of the girls were hitting it so I was happy to be one of the few hucking it like its hot.

One thing that I can't help but mention is the fact that the women's pro purse was significantly reduced ($ and depth) to give the boys more...first place used to walk away with $5,000- this year it was reduced to $3500 and the mens was upped to $7500. I am sorry, but I think thats pretty lame...

Katie Holden