home sweet home

Whistler is a special, special place. After being on the road pretty much the entire season thus far, it feels really nice to just come home and relax and see my friends. I missed the first Phat Wednesday race of the year (Chain/less B-Line!) but I made it last night to cheer on my favorite people!

For those of you that don't know. Phat Wednesdays is essentially the Whistler "Beer League". Pay a toonie ($2) and get a race run and a beer ticket. There is a cap of 200 racers and both this week and last week sold out...like 50 people were turned away. Although it is the beer league it is pretty competitive over 100 guys, like 40 girls and a bunch of juniors and masters...a lot of rippers in the mix. Yah so everyone gets their run , schwag and $ (Billinghurst made like $400 bucks last week!) is handed out and the party gets started.

My shoulder is still messed up so I have been trying to give it as much rest as possible...I am pretty scared to ride on it as I think its going to be ridiculously painful! But yah, so I didn't race but I was there for the social scene...cause thats what I do. :) I was soooo happy to see everyone and I can't tell you how much I love my Whistler family!

Katie Holden