Camp of Champions

I am totally pumped to have been invited to coach at Camp of Champions. As far as camps go, its one of a kind...they truly are leaders in the action sports market, attracting some of the best campers and coaches for skiing, snowboarding and biking. This week coaching its Greg Watts, Andrew Taylor Mike Montgomery, Garyeth Dyer, Alan Hepburn, Ryan Barrecloth myself and a few others.

Yah so we pretty much just rip the park all day everyday and try and help these kids learn and progress. Lots of mini skill sessions, lots of follow the leader, lots of plain shredding. Love it.

In the evening everyone gathers back at the compound where there are dirt jumps, a mulch pit, an air bag to learn tricks onto, a mini skate park, a mini half pipe, pool, ping pong, a lounge with flat screen TVs and lots of other random activities like water ramps or paintball. Yah, they are not joking around. I want to make a compound of my own someday :)

The skiers and snowboarders have been getting jealous of all our fun in the air bag and mulch pit so they are all giving biking a go. Rad! Last night Bobby Brown (X-Games Gold, Skier) decided to give it a go so he tried backflips into the air bag, then decided to do them into the mulch....he doesn't ride bikes, at all (you would know that from seeing him ride in a circle, ha!)...but he obviously has amazing body awareness because he landed it perfectly! SOOO RAD!!

The week is only half done, so there is plenty more shredding to be had!

Katie Holden