it's a wrap!

Last night marked the end of session B! It was such a good week and I am pooped now!

Not to get all cheesy and stuff but I think that this week coaching was one of the best things that could have happened to me. I love racing so much but I really feel like sometimes I just get so caught up in it all that I forget why I ride. This week reminded me why I love bikes...FUNNN! So many big trains. Learning. Teaching. Shredding. Hucking. Slow. Fast. Getting loose. Sending it. Cruising. Tech. Jumps. Berms. Sun. Rain. Just having fun and being in the moment!

There is nothing like racing, I love it. I love the drive that it gives me to go that much faster and train that much harder. I just love going fast and I hate getting beat. I don't think that that competitiveness will ever change. I want to be the best, period. Racing is in my blood.  But when you get so fixated on the end result you forget about the journey...I feel like that's what has happened to me the past few months (or year?)....and its pretty cool that it took a week at summer camp to open my eyes again! :)

Anyway, thats my little rant.

Photos: Mike Crane

Katie Holden