Katie Holden


Katie Holden

I do not know what has come over me but all I can think about is learning tricks right now. I have never had a desire to learn tricks until like a week ago...or guess two weeks ago now. After watching all the freeride guys throw the most ridiculous of combos it kinda made me jealous. Got the backflip....gonna get it supper good and then bust it out somewhere soon.

My latest obesssion right now is the front flip....I have no idea how I got it in my head but its all I can think about right now, I go to bed thinking about it and wake up thinking about it. Its just an airbag but I was so freaked out to even try it in there. The movement is so obscure....like you go off the lip and then you have to change all your momentum in the air. The first try at anything is always the scariest....I just didn't know what it was going to be like going for it and I didn't want to land on my head. I finally braved up and went for it this evening and it went better than I thought but somehow my bike got seperated from me mid rotation and it landed on my knee putting a deep little gash it that needed a few stitches. Whoops.

I am headed to Nat Champs tomorrow in Colorado. Pretty pumped, the course looks really fun. I was supposed to go to Europe for the Champery and Val di Sole World Cups but I have decided to come back to Whistler cause I have a few projects up my sleeve that I won't have time for at any other time this summer.

I love racing the World Cups but I think that this 'playtime' on the bike  is exactly what I need.  The first year of racing World Cups is always a learning experience...I have learned so much so far and I feel like everything I am doing will set me up for success later this season and on through next year and the future. I think I have discovered my secret recipe for success! ;)

Ohhh yes and in other news...Greg Watts and Mike Montgomery went straight from COC to GoatStyle taking #1 and #2 respectivily! Yahhh boys!

PS- Look what Watty McWatterson is wearing in this photo!