2011 Dealer Event & Fam Time!

I always look forward to National Champs every year...chasing those stars and stripes is a big deal!

For the second year in a row, National Championships will be hosted at Sol Vista Bike Park. Before heading out to Sol Vista, I got to hang in Boulder with my little sister, Ali. Ali and I both went/go to CU so I will always have a soft spot for Boulder. Al and I got in some proper girl time with a bit of shopping, manicures and pedicures and some food and drinks. Quite fabulous. We hardly ever get time like that anymore!

From Boulder I went out to Keystone for a day for the 2011 Specialized Dealer event. It was pretty cool to see all the 2011 product in person and listen to all the product presentations. It is great for me as an athlete to get to know the product lines in this way so that I can better represent Specialized...lots of facts and figures, comparisons, changes...! I even spoke a bit at the women's product presentation about the 2011 Safire which I have been testing for quite awhile.

The photos from the Moab shoot were everywhere...not gonna lie, I was pretty pumped on that.

Katie Holden