The scene up at 4X last night was great. Tons of people. Cowbells. A beer garden. Lots of passing and taking out. It was pretty exciting!!

I guess the beauty of 4X is that you never really know what is going to happen...there are so many variables involved when there are 4 people going down a course at once. The defending men's national 4X champion, Mitch Repolato hit the deck hard in practice on Thursday breaking his collarbone so he was out of contention leaving the door wide open for a number of other people. Logan Bingenelli qualified first and was looking good but was taken out in the semi-finals. Barry Nobles...a BMX guy was also looking really strong. A crash in the final between the guys in front opened the doors for Ross Milan to take the win.

Jill Kintner, the defending US 4X Champion for the women...the one who has absolutely dominated 4X for the last few years has moved on from 4X to now focus on DH so she watched from the sidelines. Kathy Pruitt is in the hospital after a horrible crash in the DH. The most obvious choice for the ladies last night would have been Buhly...former US National Champion and World Champion....she is an absolute ripper. Anyway, like I said, 4X can be pretty crazy sometimes and she got taken out in the finals and Neven Steinmetz took the win.

Congrats to Ross and Neven...our new 4X National Champs!

Katie Holden