and i'm down...

Sooo I think it's pretty obvious from the photo above that things didn't go so good for me this weekend. Actually they went pretty good...until I crashed. I have been having so much fun riding my bike recently and I think that was pretty obvious this weekend. I was riding with confidence and I was just having fun, didn't really feel a whole lot of pressure. It was just another day goofing around on the bike :)

On my last practice run before qualis I hiked back up to hit the jumpy section cause I wasn't getting good flow...I was over jumping the first jumps causing me to loose speed for the hip. So, yah, walked back up, hit the jumps perfect and as I was rounding the corner into the hip, my wheels started sliding but I just stayed committed because I was sure they were gonna hook up, they did, and then I started pedaling and then they broke loose again. I was already totally committed so I just slammed on the ground, Not exactly sure how I landed on my arm but I felt it break under me...eww.

Of course, I am absolutely devastated. I want to be riding my bike right now, not sitting on the sidelines but accidents happen and I have no regrets. Whenever an accident happens, I always think what I could have done differently to avoid it.  To be honest, I wouldn't have done anything different, If I were to go into that section today I would have done the exact same thing. We ride DH, accidents are inevitable, you can't push it and expect to never get an injury.

Anywayyyy, Sol Vista was a lot of fun, glad I made the trip out.  Jill took it home for the ladies. So pumped for her. She just knows what needs to happen and makes it happen...yahhhhh Jill :) Aaron took it home for the guys...he crashed in the same spot as me in his qualifying run but came out relatively unscathed and managed to secure the win in the finals.

Just wanted to give a shout out to all my wounded soldiers this weekend....theres a lot. Cripple party comin' up :)

Photos: Ryan Cathrall, Jill Kintner

Katie Holden