Went back to the doctor on Wednesday to get the 'yay' or 'nay' for surgery...luckily I got the 'nay' for another week and a bit. The bones are still very broken but the doctor is confident that they will heal if they don't move, at all. So I walked away with a new pink cast, complete with a Gore liner that can withstand some sweat and water. The best part of this break is that I have already gone through 3 soon as they get gross, its time for a new tight one.

While I have been going semi-crazy not riding my bike, I have been using the gym to take the edge off it. Getting absolutely destroyed feels good cause then I can go home/lake and not feel bad about sitting on my bum because I can't move anyway. haha.

Yesterday, despite being worked, I hiked up to Loggers Lake with Carlos and Danielle which was a lot of fun. I had never been up there before so it was cool to check out someplace new. Although I don't think it is the prettiest lake Whistler has to offer, it is cool in that its deep and there are a bunch of rope, I didn't go on the rope swing with my arm. Anyway, yesterday was just another reminder why Whistler is the best place on earth. :) I made a list of all the hikes I want top do, I will keep y'all posted on my favs.

Katie Holden