Katie Holden


Katie Holden

Sometimes I just want to shake people and tell them to take care of themselves. As a mountain biker I spend A LOT of time outside in the elements and these elements will catch up with you. Moisturizer will do wonders for your skin...I don't care if you are a boy, put that shit on, you need it. Trust me, as a girl I notice these things. :) The same goes for sunscreen, yes the burn will fade BUT your skin gets damaged every time you are out in the sun and it all adds up...you take enough risks on your bike, no need to add skin cancer to the mix.

Taking care of my skin is so important, I always want to be youthful and feminine and I don't want to look like an old lady who didn't take care of herself when I grow up...you know what I am talking about. Awhile ago Dermalogica hooked me up with a bit of product to use throughout the season and I have totally fallen in love with a few products in particular.

These four products have become staples in my skincare routine: Daily Microfoliant, Active Moist, Solar Defense Booster & Waterblock Solar Spray

-I use the Daily Micofoliant in the shower every morning. It is basically a rice-based powder that gently exfoliates the skin. My face just feels fresh and awake after using it. -Next I mix the Active Moist and the Solar Defense Booster together and apply it to my face and neck. I am a total freak about moisturizer...I hate dry skin, especially on my face, so the Active Moist is a lightweight oil-free moisturizer that does the trick. Combined with the Solar Defense Booster it is also protected. Bike or no bike, this is part of my everyday routine. -One of my favorite products, one that to be honest I didn't expect, is the Waterblock Solar Spray...I absolutely love this stuff. I use this stuff every time I ride my bike or go to the beach or go workout...anything remotely active. It is super water-resistant and full spectrum...it also doesn't have alcohol in its it doesn't sting. It feels good on your skin...unlike a lot of other sunscreens out there.

You only have one body, so take care of it!!

You can find all of my favorite products at www.dermalogica.com