So another Crankworx has come and gone. I had such a fun time but I must say that I am pooped. I was pretty bummed that I didn't get to race as I was planning on racing 6 events...Dual Slalom, Garbanzo DH, A-line, Pumptrack, Giant Slalom and Canadian Open but injuries happen and I think I made the most of my Crankworx despite not being able to ride. I spent a lot of time hanging out with my sponsors, went out a lot (but I smashed myself in the gym every morning...they cancel each other out right??) and met a ton or rad people....and I cheered everyone on of course. My favorite things of the week.....

The Saint Deep Summer Photo Challenge

Deep Summer Slide show from Dirt Tales on Vimeo.

The BCDC Concert

The Camelbak Jump Jam

The SRAM Wiffle Golf Party and Pig Roast

The Camp of Champions party...complete with GoPro's in the jugs of beer!!

My friends....all in Whistler at once!

Slopestyle. Got the best seats in the house, thanks SRAM!!!

The boys were killing it. So pumped for Zink and his win. It has been a long time coming for him...I swear something has happened to him every year that has kept him from making the top of the box. This year he finalllllly made it! Mike Montgomery pulled a huge 2nd place finish...such a killer result for him....and on hardtail I might add (Retarded!). Check out the GoPro vid!!! Rounding out the podium was Casey Groves, I love this kid and couldn't be happier for him...I don't think I have seen a bigger smile in my life.

Cameron Zink 2010 Crankworx Champion from Taylor Sage on Vimeo.

Photos: Laurence Crossman

Epic lake sesh with an epic crew to end the week...

Tired yet...Rach is...ha.

Until next year... :)

Katie Holden