I am a huge advocate of real food, I like to know exactly what I am putting in my body. I don't think that there is any real reason to get stressed about food when all you really need to know is what your really eating. Eat fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil....the fewer ingredients, the better. Trust me, you will feel a hell of a lot better

Anyway, I am super pumped to add Navitas Naturals to the program for 2011. I have been eating Navitas Naturals products for awhile now and I just love them. If you are going to be doing activity and need that fuel boost...why eat something with a list of 20+ ingredients when you can eat something easy to go with one? Plus they are sooooo good. There are a ton of great products, so check 'em out!!! I am obsessed with the Golden Berries and Trail Mix....uhhh YUM!

Katie Holden