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Catch up!

Katie Holden

I always enjoy this time of year but it also always wipes me out! I think it is the lack of the time in the dirt...dirt is good for the soul :)

Anyway, last time I posted, I was on a road trip to Colorado to see my sister graduate. Well she graduated and there are now 2 Buff Alumni in the family! Yayyy Al.

Wierd Al? No, my Dad. Little boys used to call his name out on the street. Not kidding...BTW this is still his CC photo!

Everyone (almost everyone) thought that I was flying from Colorado to Seattle to spend Christmas with my mom but I had something else up my sleeve. My BF always does way too much nice stuff for me and I had him convinced that I was going to miss his birthday...again! Well, I had other plans. I roadtripped back to CA with the fam, hitting up Zion National Park along the way to surprise him. It put a big smile on his face and made me happy! :)

I spent a couple of days with him and then flew up to Seattle to spend Christmas with my mom. I love spending Christmas in Seattle because it is just my sister, my mom and I and the three of us just spend lots of time hanging out, chatting, seeing movies, shopping...love it.

I flew back to the Bay Area in time for New Years...got dressed and went out with my roomies which was a blast. I guess someone in the house was sick though and everyone in the house got sick. It is the 10th and I am still fighting the thing off. I hardly ever get sick and when I do, the last thing I want to do is do nothing....which was my mistake. Being the stubborn person I am sometimes, I kept riding, training and carrying on as usual which leads me to where I am today January 10th and I still feel bad. On the up though I must say. I did nothing yesterday and I was hoping that would be enough but I am going to give it one extra day to be sure this thing is done, done and DONE. Lesson learned there. When the body needs rest, the body needs rest :)