loose ends

What a slacker. Sorry folks. :)

My iPhone broke last week (and I am waiting for my new one) and since then I have been laying low on the technological front, kinda nice actually...BUT that time has got to come to an end.

One of my roommates has been training for a tri so on a spur of the moment decision I went out to do the weekly wharf swim with her and the tri crew last week which was lots of fun. Basically you start on one beach...swim out around the pier and end up near the boardwalk...I think it's like a mile when all is said and done. I was in the first group out to the first buoy (don't quite know what happened to the rest of the group) and the three of us really spread out once we rounded the pier so that was a little freaky. I mean being far out in the water doesn't bother me because I have been swimming my whole life and I love being in the water but the murky, sharky waters with lots of sea lions around do- I was thinking I was gonna be swimming in a big pack, safety in numbers (and odds)...adds to the cool factor, I guess :).  I'm pumped I went out there it's been on my SC 'to do' list for awhile. Might have to do a tri when I get back in the fall...I love that kind of stuff.

Anyway, I moved out of the beach house this weekend as it's time to hit the road again for another season... :)

Here is my updated schedule:

Whistler Bike Park Opening Weekend

NPS Round: Glencoe, Scotland

World Cup: Fort William, Scotland

World Cup: Leogang, Austria

Ashland Super-D (and Women's Safire Weekend w/ Rebecca Rusch and Lindsey Vories)


World Cup: Mont Sainte Anne, QC

World Cup: Windham, NY

Crankworx: Whistler, BC

Coaching with Camp of Champions

Coaching with Fluidride

World Cup: Val do Sol, Italy

(Euro bike park??)

World Championships: Champery, Switzerland

Red Bull 5000 Down: Whistler, BC


Love to Ride Sessions in NV, UT & CO

US National Championships: Beech Mountain, NC

Love to Ride mini-tour...want me to come to your town? Send me a message!




Katie Holden