Katie Holden


Katie Holden

Whistler how I have missed you so-  it's the community I feel like I belong in. I have lived so many places and traveled all over the world and the one place that makes me feel that way is Whistler. Coming home feels greeeeeeattttttt.

Since I have been in California all winter, we rented our place out for the winter so I didn’t exactly get to go home per say but to be honest, I did not care at all, I was just so happy to be back. I stayed at Wolsky's house along with Carlos and the Mantelope (thanksssss bru). I got up there a bit late on opening day but I still managed to punch out a couple of hours in the park and have a beer at the GLC. The Canucks are in the playoffs right now so we had to watch the game and do a bit of BBQ action. Saturday I spent the majority of the day filming with Mikey (and Tristan, Wolsky and Paulo) for the Whistler Bike Park opening edit. Always a pleasure with Mr. Goldstein. :)

Saturday night there was a party over at GLC, got a little loose in there as usual...ahhhh so good to be back with the crew.

I want to give a huge shout out to the Whistler Bike Park and everyone that made opening weekend happen. There has been a ridiculous amount of snow this winter and getting the trails clear was a real challenge. Whistler is driven by passion and it sure shows. Thank you Whistler!!