Fluridride Flow-Tonic + Coaching

I have been working with Simon Lawton of Fluidride (formerly Downhill Northwest) since day one on the bike. Literally. Back in high school Simon lead a camp for a week with my class and I fell in love with bikes and I haven't looked back.  I coached for him in the past and I coached again for him this week which was a lot of fun. We had a group of 6 up from the Seattle area and they were loving it. Lots of improvement. Lots of smiles. That's why I do it, I love seeing that.  And I am a big people person too...I just love chatting and getting to know new people. Anyway, it was a blast.

A couple of weeks ago when I was in Seattle, Simon coached me for an afternoon and we also filmed for his upcoming movie Flow-Tonic. Flow-Tonic breaks down riding into footwork...sounds a bit abstract but once you see it and understand it, it's pretty crazy. In one afternoon I shaved a significant amount of time off my runs just moving my pedals around to match the terrain. Anyway, I thought I would share those stills with you guys. Keep an eye out for the film. And if you are in the Seattle area you should hit up Simon for lesson, you will make some huge improvements in a short period of time!

Katie Holden