Katie Holden

World Cup: Windham, NY

Katie Holden

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Third World Cup this year was not a charm, at least not when it comes to race results. This year has been pretty tough on me on the racing front, luckily I can always find something else to keep me occupied.

My troubles started on my way out of Boise. We left Sun Valley around 7am so that we could make the trek down to Boise for our flights. My flight out of Boise was a couple of hours late, causing me to miss my connection in Minneapolis. Albany is a small airport so there are not too many flights going in and out so there were no more for the day. Delta put me up in a hotel in Minneapolis for the night. I woke up super early flew to Detroit and then Albany. The bike got lost somewhere along the way. Happens to everyone, been traveling with my bike for years now and I have been pretty lucky up until this point. So I will take it.

Anyway, my bike didn’t show up until after practice. The girls were all super rad and lent me some of their stuff so I could at least go up and check it out for a run. I used Lauren Daney’s bike, shoes and Leatt, Gabriella Williams pad’s and Miranda Millers goggles. Wasn’t ideal but at least I got to feel the track at a snails pace. I probably have a good 35lbs. on Lauren as she is tiny...her bike is XS, her suspension is really soft and her shoes are 1.5 sizes too small but it was really cool of her.

I got my bike built up that afternoon and then proceeded to have mechanicals my first 2 practice runs the morning of qualifying. I got 2 more runs in but 2 runs was just not enough to get up to speed on the track. I tried to pick up speed on my 2nd run but quickly found that maybe that was not so smart as I ate shit twice. I was expecting to get a 3rd run in before qualifying but the marshalls were at the bottom after my second run and that was the end of practice. Hadn’t even jumped the jumps yet. The track is pretty easy at a cruisy pace but once you start to pick up speed, there are lot of things that will put you on your face at speed. Not exactly ideal but looking back at it I think I played it smart in qualifying. I cruised and only jumped half the jumps (for the first time). I was not even close to at speed so it was kinda embarassing cruising down but to be honest, I have been plagued with injuries with last couple of years and the old Katie maybe would have just gone for it but I don’t think that would have been too sensible. Would have been gutted if I took myself out.

So instead of mopping I found other stuff to occupy my time. I did some interviews in the pits with Billy from Dirt Magazine which was a lot of fun. Video turned out pretty good...check it out!

All of the World Cups are broadcasted live on Freecaster.TV and so I ended up doing the commentating for the women’s race with Rob Warner which was so much fun! Have a listen./watch ...http://freecaster.tv/mountainbike/1016721/uci-world-cup-2011-dhi-5-windham-usa-replay-women