It is crazy to think that Crankworx has come and gone already. It was a crazy week as usual. I pretty much flew from Windham to Seattle, packed up and drove right up to Whistler to start scouting for the Deep Summer Photo Challenge. I have been wanting to do Deep Summer for a long time now. It is such a cool event.

How it works. There are 6 photographer. Each photographer picks a team of riders to shoot with, usually the average is about 5. The photographer has 72 hours to shoot from Function Junction (the southernmost part of Whistler) to Emerald (the northernmost part of Whistler)...50% of which has to be shot within the Whistler Bike Park. After the 72 hour period there is half a day to edit and then the shows have to be submitted.

The Fairmont Chateau Whistler hosts the party + show and it is always sold out. Huge room, 1000+ people. Pretty rad. Everyone watches the shows and then the judges deliberate.

I was honored to be the only girl selected to participate in Deep Summer. I was actually pretty surprised- the first day I walked into the meeting for the riders/photographers/Whistler Blackcomb peeps and I was the ONLY girl, with the exception of Robin, one of the photographers. Not gonna lie, I was so excited to be standing there side-by-side as an equal, ready to battle it out with the freeride boys.

My team consisted of John Wellburn, our super rad photographer- he is based out of BC but spends most of his time in Argentina. The riders on my team were myself, Mike Hopkins, Sam Pilgrim, Mike Kinrade and Cory. It was sooooo awesome working with the boys...The shoot itself was fun but pretty brutal at the same time. Weather was not on our side, it was pretty much pissing rain the whole time and because time is limited that means we were out in the rain for really long hours. I didn't really care though, I just wanted to pump out as many rad photos as possible.

In the end we didn't end up placing but it was an incredible experience and I am sure more than a few of the photos will be published so I will keep you all posted on that.

Anyway, Deep Summer was a mission, a 4 day mission. And then I tried to race 3 days in a row after that. HA. ha is right. I did the Garbanzo DH, A-Line DH and Pumptrack. I was totally spent but I was entered so I just did it anyway. We will just say the results were among my most forgettable results, ever. Whatever, I had fun riding my bike and supporting the place that I have called home for so many years, Whistler. The Whistler Bike Park has done so much for me over the years, it would be crazy not to race. I love you guys!

Boy was I excited to be done with my events come Thursday. FREEEE TIME. I got my socializing on. Went to the GLC and Longhorn a few times. Listened to BCDC. Hung out at the SRAM VIP Lounge and watched slopestyle. Which was RAD by the way. Red Bull pumped A LOT of money into the event, both the execution and the promotion...I think it was a really good week for the sport. The boys sent it as usual. Brandon Semenuk took home the gold....finnnnnnnnallly. Home town boy. Last year it was looking like he was going to do it but he crashed backflipping the last stepdown and broke his collarbone. He got redemption this year though.

Can’t wait for next year!

Here are the top 3 Deep Summer shows! (via

The Five Stages of Bummer Summer from Dan Barham on Vimeo.

(Margus's 2nd Place show can't be embeded, you can find it here:

Katie Holden