Katie Holden

NICA Team for Scotts Valley & San Lorenzo Valley

Katie Holden

I am really excited to announce that I will be coaching a NICA team for Scotts Valley & San Lorenzo Valley this winter/spring...under the name Santa Cruz Mountains Cycling Team! For those of you not familiar with NICA,  it is a high school league for grades 9-12. Riders practice 3x per week and compete in 6 races as a team throughout the season. The leagure caters to all ability levels...beginners to all the way on up to kids who will make the USA Team. The more the merrier. Everyone is just out there to have fun on bikes. The races are all no more than three hours away so for a lot of the races we will just drive over there the morning of the race...others we will all camp out there. At the end of the races we will all hang out and have a BBQ. Over the course of the season we also have some cool fundraisers and social events planned which is always fun. Plus we are gonna have the raddest kits around. :)

Lucky for me it doesn't really overlap with my season as the majority of the season takes place in the winter months so i've got some time to devote to this!  I started riding bikes in high school and fell in love with it-  it has opened the doors to so many amazing experiences, opportunities and friends so it's awesome to pass it on. Whether the kids stick with it or not after High School, it's not up to me...I do think that riding bikes and sports in general are so positive for kids. Sports teach kids how to develop life skills, interact with other people, use their bodies productively....they learn how to take care of themselves by being active, eating well and setting goals. It is just a really positive thing. Bikes, soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, gymnastics...doesn't matter....

As of now, we've got two main coaches...Andrew Cavaletto, my lovely boyfriend and owner of Scotts Valley Cycle Sport (don't think he will like being called lovely. ha)  and myself. Managing the team is Steve Simonovich of Santa Cruz Pasta Factory.We have got some great sponsors on board to help cover some of the costs because we all know riding bikes can be expensive...Scotts Valley Cycle Sport, Santa Cruz Pasta Factory, State Farm Insurance, Scotts Valley Market, Specialized, Bell/Easton/Blackburn and Smith.

If you know a kid  (or are a kid reading this!) who lives in Scotts Valley or Felton that is in grades 9-12 that might be interested in this, shoot me an email at katie@katieholden.com and we will chat more!