Pay it forward

So on a recent flight to DC, I sat next to a slightly intoxicated guy named Bob who chatted my ear off but kept me laughing much of the flight. He was traveling with a bunch of co-workers (who were also very aware that it was Friday!) who had just spent the week in SF on a business trip and who had all just listened to Timmy O'neil (Patagonia athlete) speak. These guys were totally fired up about everything, including my trip to Jamaica. Anyway, over the course of the flight I got a dissertation about corporate giving and Bob proceeded to give me a $100 bill and told me to pay it forward...(AWESOME!)

I carried around this $100 bill for awhile, waiting for the right person and the right moment...

I chose to pay the $100 forward to a guy named Grant. Grant is a farmer in Jamaica who (along with Andy of the Fat Tyre Festival) has created a seriously awesome downhill track. Grant doesn't ride bikes, I don't think he ever has but he uses the trail day in and day out as a walking trail and keeps it awesome for us bikers.

One of my favorite days of my trip was riding his trail down (20+ min) down to a black sand beach where he and his family and friends prepared the best meal in Jamaica. The special thing about this spot is that it is at a remote black sand buildings, the only way to get there is by boat, biking, hiking or donkey. Grant treated us like family in every sense of the word and for that, I am so thankful.